Buying Long Term Care Insurance Online

If you are planning for retirement and have realized that now is the time to begin looking at Long Term Care Insurance, know that you are already ahead of the curve. Most Americans aren’t even thinking about long term care, either because they are unaware of the risk or think they will be able to beat the odds. The truth is, though, it’s impossible to know if we will ever need care. That’s where Long Term Care Insurance comes in.

The No-Pressure Process

Long Term Care Insurance can help you shield your hard earned assets from the high cost of long term care, which continues to rise year after year. Not all Long Term Care Insurance is created equal, though, so be sure when you do start looking at policies, you look in the right place.

We help consumers shop for Long Term Care Insurance in a no-pressure way. Our approach is quite different from the typical way people buy insurance and we are confident that it is better. Rather than set up a sales meeting in your home, we send the information to you. Once we find out your influencing factors like your age, health, and the benefits you want, we will compile a list of the top five or six Long Term Care Insurance carriers in the industry.

Included in that list will be all the detailed benefit information, as well as vital information on each of the companies. We provide our clients with the rate increases history and financial ratings of each company to help ensure they are making the most informed decisions people.

You Have Choices

When you buy insurance in a sales meeting, though, the process is quite different. Oftentimes, you are only given one company. That is because some agents are considered “captive” agents, meaning they get paid to promote a certain policy. Whether a better option exists for you or not, some agents will push the same policy no matter the circumstances. This may be good for their business, but it’s bad for consumers. Having choices is the key to making a smart decision when it comes to buying insurance.

If you are interested in information on current prices for Long Term Care Insurance, request a free quote today. We will put together your binder, send it in the mail, and let you make a decision on your own timetable. No pressure, no rush to buy. If you are still not sure whether a policy is right for you, read more here.

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